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I apparently do not understand how to do this so if someone could teach me some theory so I will know how to do it on the next module I would appreciate it. I am trying to change two static use's into dynamic require/import so I can adjust platform to platform with what is available. Her eare toe use statements: use Capture::Tiny ':all'; use IPC::Run qw(run new_chunker start pump finish timeout); use Capture::Tiny qw/capture/;

if (eval { require Capture::Tiny } ) { print "Using Capture::Tiny\n"; use subs qw/capture/; Capture::Tiny -> import ( qw/capture/ ); ( $SpoolFile -> [0], $CMDERR[0], $ReturnCode ) = capture { system qq[ echo Hello, World | cat ]; } } elsif (eval { require IPC::Run } ) { print "Using IPC::Run\n"; use subs qw ( run new_chunker start pump finish timeout ); IPC::Run -> import ( qw (run new_chunker start pump finish tim +eout ) ); ... }

On the call to capture I get: Can't call method "capture" without a package or object reference at ./ line 5. On the second I get: Prototype mismatch: sub main::new_chunker: none vs (;$) at /usr/share/perl5/ line 67. I would appreciate it someone could clear the haze.