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Hello Anonymous Monk,

You should be using the credentials method. Why aren't you using the credentials method?

To be honest I thought this is better passing the credentials to the header as I see the same thing happening with a CURL request. It is not the credentials that are producing the problem because on other POST / PUT / DELETE requests that I have already format are working just fine. The problem appears when I am trying to send the file.

Where does the error come from?

This error comes from the client side, complaining that it can not find the file to post it.

I dont understand what you're trying to do with that code snippet.

I am trying to post a file to server for further processing. The proposed solution that you send I will take a look, and try to apply it on my case.

Have you printed out the resulting request to see what it looks like?

Yes I am printing the return of the request and this is the error output:

$VAR1 = '{"detail":"Multipart form parse error - Invalid boundary in m +ultipart: None"}';

I will give it a try on your proposed solution and I will update my question. Thank you for your time and effort. BR / Thanos

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