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Dear monks,

During many years I have written simple (crude?) code for use within the limited realms of research projects. Those code snippets rarely left the relatively secluded circles for which they were developed.

There is now some interest in a couple of scripts that I have written. Those are nothing advanced nor extraordinary, but there might be some value in them. I would gladly like to share them upfront, but I want to limit the capabilities of the parties that get the code to make them proprietary or closed: I want my humble code to remain open and free, while not harming anyone's ability to modify or build upon them to make better code that may or may not be sold or be used commercially.

I am not initiated into licenses for free and open source software and would need some pointers and guidance. I have seen a few sites (like this one: but I am a bit stunned by the variety and complexity of the issue. I am leaning towards a LGPL license, but fear that there may be something better. I would appreciate your guidance in this respect.

Thanks in advance