in reply to Centos 7 outputing blank

At version 0.58 (Dec 2013) the example code in LDAP::Control::Paged was changed (bug fix RT#91210: fix example code) from what you have to this.

my $cookie; while (1) { # Perform search my $mesg = $ldap->search( @args ); # add you code here for # Filtering results for proxyAddresses attributes # Only continue on LDAP_SUCCESS $mesg->code and last; # Get cookie from paged control my($resp) = $mesg->control( LDAP_CONTROL_PAGED ) or last; $cookie = $resp->cookie; # Only continue if cookie is nonempty (= we're not done) last if (!defined($cookie) || !length($cookie)); # Set cookie in paged control $page->cookie($cookie); } if (defined($cookie) && length($cookie)) { # We had an abnormal exit, so let the server know we do not want an +y more $page->cookie($cookie); $page->size(0); $ldap->search( @args ); }

I'm not sure it's relevant but probably worth a try.