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An "Acme" module
[bar] 10/4%
A Twitter interface
[bar] 5/2%
Error data
[bar] 11/5%
An error message
[bar] 11/5%
An unspecified action like "frobnicate"
[bar] 18/8%
A substitute curse
[bar] 9/4%
The answer to what is for key pls
[bar] 6/3%
Dr. Strangelove's missing launch code
[bar] 12/5%
It's the internet. It'll be forgotten
[bar] 42/18%
No-one will use it for fear of sounding like him
[bar] 56/24%
A US law
[bar] 15/6%
Caffeine withdrawal symptoms
[bar] 36/16%
231 total votes

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