in reply to Number of times I've used goto in Perl

Surprisingly nobody has commented on this nice use of the goto Function
which exists only in Perl:

sub newFuctionName { #Doing the same stuff as always ... } sub oldFunctionName { goto &newFuctionName; }

Which has the nice effect:

it exits the current subroutine (losing any changes set by local) and immediately calls in its place the named subroutine using the current value of @_ .

That way the Parameters won't be copied again when you go from oldFunctionName() to newFunctionName()
which is very useful when you use a Library in many Projects and by the time find that you should rename this Feature.

I also found this often in Modules as:

sub _internalImplementation { #Doing the job ... } sub exportFunctionName { goto &_internalImplementation; }