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Have you seen Net::SSH2 just hangs up without any output. Why not try commenting out any lines relating to blocking?


I was trying to figure out the confusing blocking problem, and came across this in the perldoc

blocking ( flag ) Enable or disable blocking. A good number of the methods in Net::SSH2/libssh2 can not work in non- +blocking mode. Some of them may just forcibly enable blocking during +its execution. A few may even corrupt the SSH session or crash the pr +ogram. The ones that can be safely called are read and, with some caveats, wr +ite. See "write" in Net::SSH2::Channel. Don't hesitate to report any bug you found in that area!
It would seem that with the shell() method, you may need blocking(0). I suggest trying both ways. :-)

Maybe the resident expert Salva would explain exactly what blocking() does, so we can sort this out once and for all.

Here is a plausible explanation: blocking vs non-blocking Which says:

The reason is that if you want to do two things at once, say read from + some other network connection, and your SSH session, you have two options: use blocking APIs, and use two threads or processes so you can do +them both use non-blocking APIs so the same thread can do both This latter approach is called Asynchronous I/O. See for example twist +ed which uses it extensively.

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