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O wise and wonderful Monks, I have an issue on which I seek your wisdom I used to code in perl extensively a few years back. Then my company moved to Oracle forms. But I loved perl and all the things that I could do with it so I am trying to work with perl again. I have created my script from which I can extract data from an Oracle database and create an html file that I can open in the browser. However this is too static. I would like to call this script from a web page to add dynamic capabilities to it. I have read the posts about this saying that I have to install a web server. However, I am pretty sure that I did this before without one. Please let me know that I am wrong or provide assistance in how to do this. This will be for two-three users only, so I would like to avoid having to add another server to the mix. If a web server is necessary, any recommendations for a minimum web server that could do the task with limited resources. I love apache and had used it a lot but that offered a lot more capabilities than I need now. This will be running on a windows 10 laptop with an SSD drive, Oracle 12c, and several development tools on it so I would like to minimize the resource footprint if possible. My previous postings were under nnigam, but I have no longer have that email and have forgotten the password.