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I've got a use case where I have a few Entry widgets with one of them infrequently modified and excluded from the tab key focus traversal. I have found need to add a Notebook to this with all existing widgets etc in page1, some new things on page2. I can't seem to exclude the page tabs from the tab key focus traversal... Maybe you can't? This will cramp my style enough to drop the Notebook if thats the case, so I want to make sure its not just user error. Here is an example, desired behavior is just to tab between the top three Entry only.
use strict; use warnings; use Tk; require Tk::NoteBook; my $main = MainWindow->new( ); my $nb = $main->NoteBook(-takefocus => 0 )->pack(-expand => 1, -fill = +> 'both'); my $page1 = $nb->add('page1', -label => 'Page 1'); $page1->Entry()->pack(); $page1->Entry()->pack(); $page1->Entry()->pack(); $page1->Entry(-takefocus => 0)->pack(); $nb->add('page2', -label => 'Page 2'); MainLoop;