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I've got this one which runs faster than Discipulus' original version, but I can't get any of them to run faster than vr's on my computer:

GrepPos => sub{ my @list = @input; my $pos = grep { $_ >= 0 } @list; @list[$pos..$#list, 0..$pos-1] = sort {$a<=>$b} @list; Compare(\@list,\@output) or die "@list" if DO_CHECK; },
(Edit: it's a rewritten version of Discipulus2 so I just ++ed it :P)
(Edit2: wait... that's just sortfirst with a grep in scalar context... Haukupulus?)
(Edit3: it was called Discipulus3 which was a bad idea, renamed it GrepPos)
Rate Eily Discipulus Discipulus3 vr Eily 21060/s -- -55% -61% -65% Discipulus 47134/s 124% -- -13% -22% GrepPos 54377/s 158% 15% -- -10% vr 60414/s 187% 28% 11% --