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Again, as a matter of precedence, if I have a problem in the course of conducting myself as a perl programmer and feel missunderstood and hurt, I hope that I can post a message to this community for moral support.

You can. Use care to ensure that such a request is polite, honest, and hides no self-agenda. It's a lot harder than it seems. When I've composed posts I thought could be seen as hurtful, I've frequently saved them locally and let them sit overnight. If, after reviewing them in the morning, I still feel that's the appropriate way to phrase my comments, then I'll post them.

Also, it may be best to private /msg other monks you respect to get their take.

There's a fine line between asking for a clarification and coming off like a complete kneebiter. Frequently, Perception is 9/10th of the Flaw.

I believe the Monastery responds very well when approached properly.