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I've been trying to talk to a scrolling LED display via the serial port using WIN32::SerialPort with varying degrees of success. Problem is I can't quite tell why/when/what.

first I tried:

use Win32::SerialPort qw( :STAT 0.19 ); my $PortObj = new Win32::SerialPort ("COM1") || die "Can't open COM1: +$^E\n"; $PortObj->baudrate(9600); $PortObj->parity("none"); $PortObj->databits(8); $PortObj->stopbits(1); $PortObj->write ("feed me"); $PortObj->close || die; undef $PortObj;
which worked once or twice.
then I omitted setting any params which worked fine for a whole evening, now nothing works.

SerialPort seems to pick up the settings on its own with little trouble, and a light comes on on the device whenever I try and talk to it, it's just failing to write.

any thoughts?