in reply to the GD modul

I think this really needs to be said!

I have no idea where to start.
If you truely have *no idea* where to start, here is some advice that will help you today, tomorrow, and forever more. =)
  1. For Perl related information, use perldoc. This wonderful resource can be found online at or at your own commandline. Type  perldoc perldoc .
  2. For more Perl related information, use the Super Search.
  3. For Perl, and everything else imaginable: STFW. makes an excellent home page in your browser.

If that statement (' idea where to start.') wasn't entirely true, and you've already had a look at the GD:: docs, try asking a more specific question.

I'd suggest reading through this node (the whole thing, including all of the followups), and this document. Each give advice on how to ask more effective questions.