I had the opportunity to attend yet another truly awesome, mind blowing Damian Conway talk (YATAMBDCT) recently, known around here as thedamian. This time around, however, we spent an hour at the end discussing Perl 6 with the aid of Perl 6 super ninja Dan Sugalski among others. Truly fascinating stuff, and it became clear that there were more questions than there was time. I think this situation is only going to grow and grow, so i humbly propose we get all proactive and create a Perl 6 section. We could start it as rumor control/design discussion, and some time in the cold dark future, upon release of Perl 6 and Parrot, it would be a great place to go for integration issues as well. Not to mention all of the syntactic sugar that will be specific to this section (Can you say DWIM operator?!) as well as a whole slew of OO and Parrot questions. What do the elders and bodhisattva's think?