in reply to Favourite modules March 2002

  1. CGI (I write a lot of CGI programs.)
  2. DBI (And a lot of them are database frontends.)
  3. Data::Table (Create a HTML table from the results of a SQL query. Cool!)
  4. HTML::Table (Simplifies making tables to align my forms and such.)
  5. File::Find (Recursive filesystem traversal.)
  6. Date::Calc (My favorite of the Date modules.)
  7. Math::SigFigs (The ONLY module I know of to round-off numbers properly for scientists.)
  8. Getopt::Std (I'm too lazy to parse my own command line.)
  9. Tk (Graphical user interfaces made easy.)
  10. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel (My users still think they need Excel. So I humor them.)