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Maybe I'm being ridiculously overboard in my paranoia here, but to me this situation suggests a deeper possible evil... How much code already exists in the various open source projects that could be tainted by this? Do the authors' employers have the right to request that these works be removed?
I'm having visions of certain "for $$$" software companies placing propaganda articles in their publications with titles like "Are your employees stealing your property?" hoping their clients will be able and willing to accomplish what they can't.

Update: After re-reading the tilly's article, and my own, I see my post is merely restating what he himself has already said. The danger is real and present, and is already being felt by him personally.I guess what I'm trying to re-emphasise here is that this isn't just tilly's problem or just the "professional workers", but everyone who writes for (or enjoys the fruits of) open source software projects.

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