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Esteemed monks, I seek your wisdom.

If you have a lot of arguments that you need to pass to a subroutine, is it preferrable to pass & access them individually:
do_stuff($foo, $bar, $foo_too, $bar_too, $foo_who_poo); sub do_stuff { my ($foo, $bar, $foo_too, $bar_too, $foo_who_poo) = @_; }
Or pass & access by named parameter:
do_stuff(one=>$foo, two=>$bar, three=>$foo_too, four=>$foo_who_poo); sub do_stuff { my %args = @_; }
Or is it purely personal preference?

I'm starting to get some 'feature creep' in my code and keep adding subroutine arguments as the specifications change. I'm thinking at the very least if I pass by named parameter I'll have some 'self-documenting' code.

What do you do?