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This script is derived from one of the examples I developed for the chapter of my book that introduces the SOAP::Lite module.

It posts a journal entry to the journal system at, without using the browser interface, and without faking a POST to the CGI interface. It uses instead the still-alpha SOAP interface that use.perl currently offers.

All elements of the SOAP request may be specified on the command-line, including entry subject, whether to enable comments, uid and passwd, and the option of reading the entry from a file (the default is to read from STDIN, filter-like). It also will attempt to set the authentication credentials from your Netscape cookie file. But as I said, those can be set by the command-line (and the cmd-line switch overrides the Netscape cookie).

In a first-response to this code posting, I will post a XEmacs defun (which should also work under GNU/Emacs) that I use to post from within XEmacs by selecting the text I want to upload into the region. More on that in the follow-up node.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use subs 'make_cookie';

use Getopt::Std;

use Digest::MD5 'md5_hex';
use HTTP::Cookies;
use SOAP::Lite;
use XML::RSS;

my (%opts, $title, $discuss, $readfh, $body, $host, $uri, $proxy,
    $cookie_file, $cookie_jar, $journal, $result);

getopts('c:m:f:C:', \%opts) or die <<"USAGE";
Usage: $0 [ -m title ] [ -f file ] [ -c yes|no ] [ -C user:pass ]

-m title        Provide title for the journal entry
                (default is command name-based)
-f file         Read the journal entry from FILE instead of STDIN
-c yes|no       Allow or disallow comments
                (default is to let your default stand)
-C user:pass    Provide authentication credentials in place of (or in
                absence of) Netscape cookie authentication. User in
                this case is UID, not nickname.


$title       = $opts{'m'} || "Generated by $0";
$discuss     = (exists $opts{c} && $opts{c} =~ /no/i) ? 0 : 1;
if ($opts{f}) {
    open(FILE, "< $opts{f}") or die "$0: Error opening $opts{f}: $!\n"
    $readfh = \*FILE;
} else {
    $readfh = \*STDIN;
$body = join('', "<!-- posted by $0 -->\n", <$readfh>);

$host        = '';
$uri         = "http://$host/Slash/Journal/SOAP";
$proxy       = "http://$host/";
$cookie_file = "$ENV{HOME}/.netscape/cookies";

if ($opts{C}) {
    $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies->new;
                            user => make_cookie(split /:/, $opts{C}, 2
                            '/', $host);
} elsif (-f $cookie_file) {
    $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies::Netscape->new(File => $cookie_file);
} else {
    die "$0: No authentication data found, cannot continue";

$journal = SOAP::Lite
               ->proxy($proxy, cookie_jar => $cookie_jar);
die "$0: Error creating SOAP::Lite client, cannot continue"
    unless $journal;
$result = $journal->add_entry(subject => $title,
                              body    => $body,
                              discuss => $discuss);

if ($result->fault) {
    die "$0: Operation failed: " . $result->faultstring . "\n";
} else {
    printf "New entry added as %s\n", $result->result;


# Taken from the Slash codebase
sub make_cookie {
    my ($uid, $passwd) = @_;
    my $cookie = $uid . '::' . md5_hex($passwd);
    $cookie =~ s/(.)/sprintf("%%%02x", ord($1))/ge;
    $cookie =~ s/%/%25/g;