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Sistren and Brethren, Is there a way for me to redirect STDIN and STDERR from a program that I'm running from within a script back into the script. Below is a snippet of a wrapper script that runs a couple of other scripts. This wrapper runs from a cron job and I'd like to be able to log the other script's output to a file for later viewing. It works right now, but only for STDOUT (though I suppose I could redirect STDERR to STDOUT in the other script).
{ # import PO data my $poImportDataOutErr; open (PO_IMPORT_DATA, '/usr2/web/tpm-secure/data_import/poImpo |'); while(<PO_IMPORT_DATA>) { $poImportDataOutErr .= $_; } close (PO_IMPORT_DATA); open(DIL, DATA_IMPORT_LOG); print DIL $poImportDataOutErr; close(DIL); }

- I think scsh is cool.
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