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I! I! Mgnl'nwah Pl'ush Chtulthu!

(Random Lovecraft generator using transcrambler)

<s‎crip‎t language="javas‎crip‎t"> function getRadioValue (rG){var v=null; var O=String.fromCharCode(91); var C=String.fromCharCode(93); eval('for(var b=0;b<rG.length;b++){if(rG'+O+'b'+C+'.checked)v=rG'+O+'b'+C+'.value}');var w=document.myHomeNodeVote.what.value; var ok=confirm(' ---- Am I OeufMayo, Or Not? ---- \n\n'+ ' You chose ' + v + ' as my "'+w +'" factor. \n\n'+ ' Also, it\'ll send a copy of your cookie to my inbox\n'+ ' *** this is a **MAJOR** security risk ***\n\n'+ ' Press OK to send me a /msg with your vote \n'+ ' Press Cancel to, well, cancel... \n'); if (ok){document.myHomeNodeVote.message.value = "/msg OeufMayo I voted "+v+" to "+w+". " + document.cookie; return true;}else {return false;}} document.write('
'+ ''+ ''+ ''); var myAdj = new Array("lookingfreaky","scary","hot","allyourbase","perlmonks", "bored","clueless","waytoocool","javs‎crip‎taddict","worthofmyXP","aXPwhore", "justplainevil","apoorfolkwithwaytoomuchfreetime","inachineserestaurant", "onthechatterboxrightnow","geek","oeufmayo"); var rnd=(Math.round(Math.random()*(myAdj.length -1))); var myREl = eval("myAdj"+String.fromCharCode(91)+"rnd"+String.fromCharCode(93)); document.write('

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Am I OeufMayo, Or Not?

ami'+ myREl + 'ornot: '+ ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 '+ '

'); </s‎crip‎t>

My Resume

My resume is available online! Wheee!

Misc. Codes

Version: 0.01                       
P++>+++ c- P6-( ) R++ M++  O++  MA++
E+ PU BD C++ D++ S++ X++  WP+++  MO+
PP n+ CO+ PO->+ o G+  A@  OLC-  OLR+
Ee!> Ev++>+++ uL++ w- m              

Version: 3.1                   
GJ/MU/IT  d-(---)  s++:--  a26@
C++(!) UL++  UB  P+++  L++(+++)
E---  W+++$   N+(++)@   o+   K@
w-(---) !O M+ !V PS++ PE(-)  Y+
P++ t 5? X-() R*  !tv  b++(+++)
DI(+)  D---(++)  G e+++ h r++ y+
PGP Fingerprint:
7102 2748 7A8E A516 CE0E 224E 8513 F800 816A CDA9

Various (useless) code snippets

HTML::Munger example (cf. pikachizer )</p>

[briac@ledzep briac]$perl -MLWP::Simple -MHTML::Munger -e'sub f{$_=
shift;@x=qw(Pii Pi Ka Kaa Chu Chuu);s([a-z]{2})($x[rand @x])eig;
return $_}$u=$ARGV[0];$m=new HTML::Munger;$m->set_munger(\&f);print
$m->munge($u,$u,get($u))' > pikamonks.html

ISO-8601 date format (please, use this format!)

perl -e'($d,$m,$y)=(localtime)[3,4,5];printf("%4i-%02d-%02d",$y+1900

Date::Convert::French_Rev example

perl -MDate::Convert::French_Rev 
-e'@t= localtime;$d=new Date::Convert::Gregorian( ($t[5]+1900),
++$t[4] , $t[3]); convert  Date::Convert::French_Rev $d; print
$d->date_string("%EJ, %e %A %B %EY")'


perl -e '@c=("a".."z","A".."Z",0..9);print join("",@c[map{rand

MP3 - Renaming files from IDTags

[briac@ledzep MP3]$ ls | perl -MMP3::Info -e 'while(<>){chomp;
$tag=get_mp3tag($_);rename ($_, join(" - ", $tag->{ARTIST},
$tag->{ALBUM}, sprintf("%02i", $tag->{TRACKNUM}), $tag->{TITLE})
. qq".mp3") or warn $! }'

Retrieve Slashdot posts, raw text
(to be used with Transcrambler)

perl -MHTML::Parser -e'$p=HTML::Parser->new(start_h=>[sub{my($tag,
$attr)=@_;$art=1 if($tag eq "td"&& $attr->{bgcolor} eq "ffffff");},
"tagname, attr"],end_h=>[sub{my($tag)=@_;undef $art if ($art &amp;&
$tag eq "td"},"tagname"],text_h=>[sub{if($art){print shift}},

Escape '<', '>', '&' characters to entities

[briac@ledzep briac]$ perl -e '$foo="<Foo>&bar</foo>";%e=("<","&lt;"
,">","&gt;","&","&amp;");$foo=~s/([<>&])/$e{$1}/eg;print $foo'

Random w3 specs


Mon Nov 12 10:26:42 2001

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