The First Rule Of the XP Club is "don't talk about xp"

The Second Rule Of The XP Club
  The XP Club is *not* the Perl Club

The Third Rule Of The XP Club
  vroom rox!

The Fourth Rule Of The XP Club
  For maximum effect state rule 3 when vroom is present

The Fifth Rule Of The XP club
  perl -le 'print "Blame ".${["ar0n", "tye"]}[rand 2]'

The Sixth Rule Of The XP Club
  Laugh at all MP references...   Ni!

The Seventh Rule Of The XP Club
  Thou shalt not persist in long drawn out lame senseless jokes in the CB unless using the superdupersecret PM invisible ink

The Eighth Rule Of XP Club
  Thou shalt encourage initiates to post questions about yon XP system so thee canst reply with "XP doesn't matter" and gaineth thy 50 XP ;-)

The Ninth Rule Of The XP club
  Keep your fellow monks engaged in CB conversations till waaaay past their bedtime

The Tenth Rule Of The XP Club
  Don't post in the Confessional or Return of the Confessional, then people will know your tricks

The Eleventh Rule Of The XP Club
  There *is* no 11th Rule (expunged after vroom posted "New Site Rules Governing User Accounts")

Props to cjf and zdog for significant contributions.
And to davorg for copied borrowed inspiration for node format

    striving toward Perl Adept
    (it's pronounced "why-bick")

Update: VSarkiss wins the Swell Prize® for having spotted the following was-hidden-but-is-now-exposed secret messaage:

The First-and-a-halfth Rule Of The XP Club
  Upvote ybiC   ;^)

Update: added links to Confessional and Return of... above.   Thanks to brother John M. Dlugosz for the suggestion.