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Wise Monks,

I have been trying for a good hour now to figure out why this code is not working. I think it may be my ignorance of FTP coupled with my first use of Net::FTP.

The code:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Net::FTP; my ($ftp, $destination, $username, $password, $filename, $path); $destination=""; $username="anonymous"; $password="me\"; $path="/goldenPath/05apr2002/chromosomes/"; $filename=""; $ftp = Net::FTP->new($destination, Debug => 0) || die "Couldn't connec +t! $!\n"; $ftp->login($username,$password) || die "Couldn't log in! $!\n"; $ftp->cwd($path) || die "couldn't cwd! $!\n"; $ftp->get($filename) || die "get($filename) failed: " . $ftp->code() . + ": " . $ftp->message(); $ftp->quit;
This dies with the error:
[dswan@ashtaroth GUP]$ perl get( failed: 500: Illegal PORT command.
I am assuming this has something to do with a failure to use the pasv/port options of Net::FTP - I have tried ftp->pasv() and ftp->port() (leaving blank, and specifying a port). Its not a firewall issue as I can happily use a command line client to make it work - and grab the file.

Yours, in bewilderment,

Bukowski - aka Dan (
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