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Verbal, I tried the code out the way you had asked.It takes the input in however, it doesn't do anything with it. By the way, I am the one, who is trying to read the total from a file, and spit it out to another file. My code reads following:
print "Input file name: "; $_ = <>; chop; open(INFILE, $_); while (<INFILE>) { if(m/total/) { s/^total\s[0-9]+\s[0-9]+\s([0-9]+)\s([0-9]+)$/$1 $2/; print; } } close INFILE
I think the program is getting the input, however it is just not doing anything with it. Once I enter the name of the file, it just sits there, instead of parsing. How come?? THanks Paav