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Return an error value. If it's really, really important, write a message to STDERR or a log file (not STDOUT!). Library code should never, never, NEVER die on any error condition short of the CPU bursting into flames (and even then it's questionable). What you consider to be a fatal error may be a normal condition for the programmer using your library/module. (Yes, I've had the supreme displeasure of using a library which "helpfully" terminated my programs whenever an error occurred without giving me a chance to detect and correct the situation, or at least perform a controlled shutdown.)

Oh, and another thing re: the examples under question 4 - the user should never be subjected to detailed information about the programmer's mistakes. It will just confuse them. (*ring* *ring* "Hello, tech support." "Your program just said, 'Wrong number of parameters! Correct syntax is my_sub($name,$phone,$address)', but I filled in all the blanks on the form. And WTF does 'my_sub' mean?")