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A little background:
I have a VScomm PCI-200L dual serial port board installed and the ports are set to COM5 and COM6.

A script that uses Win32::SerialPort to communicate with some hardware via the serial port which works fine as long as I use the "on-motherboard" COM ports (COM1, COM2). Once I move the device to the add-on board, communication ceases.

The script reports no errors opening COM6 but never "sees" any data sitting on the port. To add a twist to this all dilemma I have a Win32 App that came with the hardware and it can communicate with the hardware when connected to COM6 just fine.

So my question is this, is there a known limitation with Win32::SerialPort and COM ports greater than 4? Or a known issue when used in conjunction with a serial port expansion board? Or is there some completely obvious setting that I'm overlooking (this is the most likely scenario).