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for the life of me, i can't figure this out.

I have some nicely designed templates in a pdf file. 1 page. they're for tickets. art, text, everything -- they look pretty damn nice.

i wanted to use perl to take the one page, which holds 10 2"x4" tickets, and duplicate it as needed into 1 document -- substituting ###ticket### in the document for the appropriate ticket number

Hours of searching the docs, web, and this archive have nearly taught me how to build the pdf from scratch and solve my problem -- but still no clue how to use perl for templating off the one pdf

right now, the only thing i've managed to do, is use importpage from PDF::API2 to duplicate the page. still no idea how to replace text in it.

hopefully someone can help me out? maybe even suggest a better method -- i think with this method i'm duping the font data per-page bloating the filesize