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Hey Abigail --

You might be interested in a couple of actual facts.
The company which brought the lawsuit is Alcatel, or in longer words--
All rights reserved © Copyright 2002 Compagnie Financière Alcatel, Paris, France
A French company, not an American company, French as in France a country that is part of Europe as in not American.

This shows that it is as well a company run largely by with very French sounding names

And apparently their HQ is in Paris as well and by the exchange codes I don't think they mean a Paris anywhere in the USA.

A little history shows that they have recently been buying up a lot of American companies but they are still European.

So, yes Abigail, the world doesn't stop at the US borders and neither does the practice of screwing employees.

And if it didn't get to court in Europe it could well be because they are too busy creating International laws about what kind of grass and at what Longitude and Lattitude cows have to eat in order for something to be called Roquefort cheese or any of another 570 foods.