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Hi Brotheren

I have a script that I want to compile to an exe form. I never had any problems with converting to exe before. However, when I do try to convert it, I get the following error massage.

PLEASE SEE THE PERL2EXE USER MANUAL UNDER "Can't locate +in @INC" FOR AN EXPLANATION OF THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE: Can't locate Tk/ in @INC (@INC contains: PERL2EXE_STORAGE C:\T +EMP C:\Perl .) at PERL2EX E_STORAGE/Tk/ line 259. This exe file was created with the evaluation version of Perl2Exe. For more information visit (The full version does not display this message with a 2 second delay. +) ...
I am not sure why is this happening. In my script I have 2 gif type icons which I use in the script to represent user account, I have ensured that those 2 icons are in in the perl/bin directory, I went even further and dropped it into the perl2exe directory. Still I get this massage.

Any Perls of wisdom please will be enormously appreciated.