vote on My username is...

Perfect for me.
[bar] 246/59%
Okay, but my first choice was taken.
[bar] 25/6%
Regrettable; all the good ones were taken.
[bar] 3/1%
Chosen too quickly; I should have given it more thought.
[bar] 20/5%
Poorly considered; people assume I'm a doofus.
[bar] 11/3%
Too long for the CB; what was I thinking?
[bar] 3/1%
My real name; blame my parents.
[bar] 26/6%
Pretty bad, since I totally lack creativity.
[bar] 18/4%
Coincidentally also the pseudonym of a local serial killer.
[bar] 7/2%
At least better than something awful like 'Petruchio'.
[bar] 27/6%
Not well-characterized by any of these poll options.
[bar] 33/8%
419 total votes

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