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Mine is an interesting name. I chose it because I thought it was cool. That is before I found out that it actually was an acronym. Heh, and believe it or not, I don't curse, so when I learned what the name actually stood for I thought it slightly ironic.

I use the word snafu as meaning that something bad happened or that one is caught in a snafu. This is that definition of the name that appealed to me. I do not liken the name to personify myself, however. Albeit, I have had my share of snafus.

In summary, I like the word; I like what it means. I adopted it about a year ago and I've just stuck with it. Sometimes, someone might see me in IRC as SnafuX. Ok, folks, just so everyone knows, Snafu ex is how it should be pronounced. :)

I have many other names I go by. For instance,
  • NOTJames
  • # My first and most loved
  • SnafuX or Snafu
  • # My second
  • generic
  • # Another one I particularly like
  • cloaked
  • # My most favorite one.

    If I could change my name here, I would change it to cloaked. Is it possible to change my name?

    /me seeks vroom =P

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    - Jim
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