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What is happening here is that 'name' is one of the default key attributes for XML::Simple. (The defaults are 'name', 'key', and 'id'.) By changing this (with the keyattr option), I think you can get the desired results.

Here is a quick script I threw together which should demonstrate the differences. I hope it helps.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Data::Dumper; use XML::Simple; my $gXML; my $gXMLDoc; my $gXMLString; $/ = undef; $gXMLString = <DATA>; $gXML = XML::Simple->new(); $gXMLDoc = $gXML->XMLin($gXMLString); print 'Before:',"\n",'-' x 40,"\n",Dumper($gXMLDoc),"\n"; $gXMLDoc = $gXML->XMLin($gXMLString, keyattr => ''); print 'After:',"\n",'-' x 40,"\n",Dumper($gXMLDoc),"\n"; __DATA__ <DataContent> <head> <meta name="APU:IndustryCode" content="Banking / finance" /> <meta name="APU:IndustryCode" content="Joint ventures / investment" /> </head> </DataContent>

For more information on the options available with XML::Simple (forcearray is another one you will want to make sure you know), check out:

perldoc XML::Simple


Make sure you look at the data structure dumped with Data::Dumper -- meta is now a two element array.


The following code will iterate through the meta array:

foreach (0..$#{$gXMLDoc->{head}->{meta}}) { print $gXMLDoc->{head}->{meta}[$_]->{content},"\n"; }