This compiles with strict and warnings on cygwin in XP.

just something to do while having lunch.
print map{chr(int($_)+45)} map{(split /\n/, @{[split / /, $_]})} split + /[,?]/, <DATA>; __END__ Just another perl hacker is a fairly popular here at PM. Just look at +the number of obfunc nodes that use it. Although it makes no sense to + me, it does make sense to those who have the power. These people hav +e contributed lots of code to PM, and have set a standard. Monks ofte +n abbrevate just another perl hacker as JAPH. A lot of the obfun code + you will give you japh when you run it. It has become a tradition, t +o use japh atleast once. This is my first time using japh in obfunc c +ode. Will you be using japh in your next piece of code?