vote on Object Orientation is:

The bomb. The bee's knees. Uncut cool. The True Way.
[bar] 27/8%
A good approach to many problems, though not the only one.
[bar] 199/57%
Useful for really big projects, perhaps, but mostly overrated.
[bar] 59/17%
Slow, bloated, and boring. I'm a coder, not a theorist.
[bar] 15/4%
For the weak. As are scoped variables and control structures. Goto++
[bar] 7/2%
Something I've been meaning to figure out.
[bar] 24/7%
So poorly defined, it's hard to venture an opinion.
[bar] 13/4%
None of the above.
[bar] 8/2%
352 total votes

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