I'm new here -- only been posting for a week or so. The system is addict^H^H^H^H^H^H fascinating. One of the things I've tried to do is learn how to write an answer by watching reputation.

The sad thing is I'm not sure I can correlate my "good" answers to reputation. (I've searched and read about reputation. Yes, I know it's not correlated to Perl experience, programming skill, etc. I'm simply hoping it's correlated to community acceptance.)

One of my higher nodes is Re: setting hash keys by array. I thought it was poorly explained golf, but in an amusing functional style.

One of my zero rep nodes is How to build up complex SQL queries. I tried to demonstrate the thought process of how to build up a string from a pattern. The code showed an intermediate "thinking about it" stage that eventually became working, useful code. It's not in concise Perl style, but it definitely shows how to combine join and map.

The thing that motivated me to post here is that johnirl thanked me for the zero rep post! (You're welcome!) Is there a paradox here where nodes useful to the individual are not useful to the community?

So, if I you all say I can't trust reputation to learn how to answer questions... can you give me advice on answering questions? There is an amazing FAQ on asking questions, but what about answering?

BTW, please don't vote my examples. I'm not reputation whoring and that would ruin my (small) sample set!