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If you are using this to strip potentially malicious code, you should be more liberal in what you match.

1. Use /i because tags can be upper, lower, or mixed cases.

<script>CODE</script> <SCRIPT>CODE</SCRIPT> <ScRiPt>CODE</ScRiPt>

2. Be careful of whitespace in tags.

<script >CODE</script> <script>CODE</script >

3. Be careful of what gets left behind after you strip it. (The following example is a good reason not to use a non-greedy match.)


I'd use something like jeffa's and eliminate as much as possible. I don't see any immediate problems with this: s#<script.*script\s*>##gis; but I didn't test it very thoroughly and there may be some. You might consider substituting repeatedly until nothing matches in order be sure you've avoided the 3rd issue above but that may well be overkill.

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