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Thanks for the point about the regex. Done

bpoStub is an inhouse module, and it uses the Sybase::DBlib module to do it's processing of database info.

I could break out of it and do my own as it is a very simple module or rewrite it to take advantage of seperate prep and executes(preferred) if I was sure of what I was doing, but I can't find much documentation of the Sybase module. It appears that
$sybdblibvariable->dbcmd("sql here");
is used to prep, and then
is used for execution.

Can anyone tell me if the ? ? ? placeholders will work in a dbcmd/dbexecute pair in Sybase::DBLib as opposed to a DBI prepare/execute pair?

Finally, the only loops that the database insert/update commands are inside of are the loops through the tables and through the compnumbers. It appears from your code here that the table cannot be specified as a ? var, which loses me that option for the tables, and the compnum is used as a part of a where statement when doing updates. Can you use ?'s there as well? Am I understanding this correctly?