Dear fellow Monks,
As most of us know CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are a great boon to any web site developer and can make 'themed' sites very easy to create and maintain. PM supports this by having either on-site markup or allowing a link to an external css file under your user settings. "All well and good", or so I thought. After much playing around two major things have come to light:

  1. CSS doesn't support underscores in the name (apparently?), for example:

    When I submitted the following snippet at (

    tr.nodelet_head { font-weight : bold; color : #ff9933; background-color : #990000; }
    It produced the following error:

    Errors * Line: 5 Context : tr.nodelet Parse Error - nodelet_head { font-weight : bold; color : #ff9933; back +ground-color : #990000; }

    So that's one thing to bear in mind as the PM stylesheet (available by 'viewing source') contains quite a few elements named with an underscore. Whilst most browsers couldn't give a fig and either work or not, Mozzila routinely ignores any named elements with an underscore in the name causing unexpected results.

  2. After experementing I also found that not the whole PM site has been prepared for CSS, theres still quite a lot of hard coded areas where HTML elements have had their bgcolor set to blue/white as an example. And not to mention having gifs that haven't been given the transparency treatment. ;^)
So you're probably thinking "What a pedant"... or worse, at this point, well, I am and was wondering wether anyone else had come across the same problems? Do you reckon the Gods will hear this distant plea and come to my/our aid?

Thank you for listening to my rant.