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Russ - yeah, I believe yours is the recent node that kudra remembered. If I had found that thread in my prior search, I probably wouldn't have posted my own question.

I hate to have unwittingly re-hashed an old discussion, but some great posts resulted.

Voting guidelines appear to be highly individualistic, but could a collage of the responses perhaps be added as "suggestions" to the Voting and Experience System ? Would it be worth vroom's time ?

Update: zdog has graciously offered to write the "Voting Guide Faqlet" that mdillon and Russ recommend below, and I've encouraged him to run with the ball. I'll be unplugged for a couple days, and I expect zdog will do a better job with it anyway. :^)

Update #2: I believe this Voting Guides FAQlet is the result of zdog's work. (I was right... zdog did do a great job) :^)