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BTW, if your list of potential file names does happen to involve cases that include one or more quote-like characters, then you're right -- the above will not work. In such cases, let me suggest that you should only be facing this issue with existing file names that are created by other processes and are to be used as input to a given pipeline -- don't ever create such file names yourself for output. To handle these, open the the nasty-named file for input in perl (get the file name via "readdir" so you don't need to present such a name as a command-line arg -- who knows, maybe a file name could include a "\n"!), then open your pipeline as a file handle, and pass file data to the pipeline that way.

Good point... This is probably the strategy I will adopt. It still bothers me a little bit that you are so completely at the mercy of the shell in the general case of this situation.