in reply to multiple forms

I wrote this while showing a neighbor kid the same thing. It's odd, but it might help you get started.
#!perl -wT use strict; use CGI; my $query = CGI->new; my @fields = qw(Name Age Sex); print $query->header, $query->start_html('Multi page form'), $query->start_form; print_form(); print $query->end_form, $query->end_html; sub print_form { my $count = @fields; my $results; foreach my $field (@fields) { if ($query->param($field)) { print $query->hidden(-name=>$field); $results .= $query->p( $query->b("$field:"), $query->param($field) ); $count--; } else { print $query->b("$field:"), $query->textfield(-name=> $field), $query->submit(-value=> 'Submit'); last; } unless ($count) {print $results} } }