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Okay, I am working on a function that inserts a row into a MySQL table. Now, I am trying to make this thing slightly intelligent. So I have a hash that looks like the following:

my %TABLES = ( # Hash identifying one database 'users' => [ # Hash keys are the database's tables 'username', 'password', # Columns of the table in an array 'first_name', 'email_address', 'rating' ] );

Next I have a subroutine in my module that is called like the following:

$handle->insert ( -table => "users", -primary_key => "username", -values => { username => "mt2k", first_name => "Nathan", email_address => '', password => crypt("password", $salt), rating => 10 } );

Next comes the part I am having problems with. Here is a sample part that is close to that of my subroutine:

sub insert { my ($self, %q) = @_; # Set up placeholders my $ph = join ', ', ('?') x values %{$q{'-values'}}; # Prepare the query for the database my $sth = $self->{DB}->prepare( "INSERT INTO $q{'-table'} VALUES($ph)" ); # This is the line that causes problems. Read below for more. $sth->execute(values %{$q{'-values'}});

If you didn't catch on immediately, the problem lies in the fact that I am supplying the values of the hash to execute(). This means they are not in the correct order that MySQL requires them to be in. This is where the %TABLES hash comes in. This hash contains the arrays that hold the correct order in which the values must be passed as placeholders in the execute() statement.

So what I need to do is take the values of %{$q{'-values'}} and return them sorted in the correct order as identified by %TABLES.

I hope I've been clear enough in order to recieve some answers to this question which has perplexed me. Thanks in advance!