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POD SHOULD not be interleaved with the code, and is not an alternative for comments.

Does this include POD put before subroutines? Such as:

=item foo foo $arg1 Does foo =cut sub foo { ... } =item bar bar $foo Does bar =cut sub bar { ... }

Variables with a small scope SHOULD have short names, variables with a broad scope SHOULD have descriptive names.

Heh, there was a guy in my high school C++ class who declared all his counter variables as globals, and he used a different var for every loop. The entire bloody alphabet was at the top of every code file he wrote.

Constants (or variables intended to be constant) . . .

Is there any execuse for not doing "use constant ..."?

No cuddled elses or elsifs . . .


Indents SHOULD be 4 spaces wide. Indents MUST NOT contain tabs.

Where's my flame thrower? :)