Okay everybody! It is time to admit what you wish to receive from Santa this year! Everybody hopes to get that something special for Christmas. Even if you are not very materialistic, perhaps you are still wanting something cool to happen over the Christmas holiday.

Did you want a brand-spanking new computer with every option imaginable already installed? Or would you prefer a giant box full of equipment so that you can build your very own super-combination? Is the only thing you want a CD with the Perl 6 installation on it? Or perhaps you want a complete library of books about Perl or computers? Perhaps you want to get a laptop so you can finally strut your stuff.

Or maybe you want some really fancy geek gadgets. Are you waiting to see if somebody has noticed you staring at in hopes of receiving a neat Mathmos Color Tumbler for show and tell, a new SoundBug to play music on any surface? Are you currently using 10 different passwords, always adding to that list? Wish yourself a Personal Password Manager to fix that problem. Does your computer constantly break down on you? Ask Santa for CyberTool 41! Are you selfish when it comes to bandwidth? Can't seem get enough of it? Demand a "will work for bandwidth" T-shirt so you can beg others for more :) Planning world domination? Take over the world by hypnotizing every human being with a controlling URGettingSleepy shirt.

Not materialistic? Then wish that your fellow monks get what they want :) Or maybe just wish that the world will one day realise the power of Perl and quiver in their boots for having mocked it! Wish for more and better web browser standards, as well as for operating systems (okay, that's wishing for a heck of a lot. We're a millienium too soon for that one). Oh yes, and don't forget the true meaning of Christmas: being with friends and family! Let your loved ones know how much you care! So I want to see some Christmas wish lists here (serious or not). See how similar you are to your fellow monks. And everybody, please have a ...

Merry Christmas!