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Bah humbug, says Jenda :)

The main problem for me is how long xmas lasts -- it's in every shop by early november, there's no escape from it for almost two months. All the irksome cheerfullness would be easy to put up with if it only lasted a week or so.

Whilst it's often felt that the extended christmas is an invention of Big Business (TM) to suck more money out of us, I suspect it's actually the fault of government -- they want something to occupy some of our grumble-capacity for a couple of months so we grumble less about them :)

As for my xmas wishlist, it has to be hardy perennials such as -- more time, more sleep & more money.

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Re: Re: Re: Christmas Wishlists
by rozallin (Curate) on Dec 02, 2002 at 19:26 UTC
    It's funny you should mention about how long Christmas lasts... I was making dinner tonight and there was an advert on television encouraging people to start planning for Christmas 2003... A whole 13 months away! *grumbles*

    I doubt people in the UK at least will be grumbling less about the Government, especially due to the fire strikes which are planned for most of December.

    But I will not dwell on such things and instead be cheerful and spread the Christmas spirit. So here is my X-Mas wishlist:

    • The Perl CD Bookshelf V 2.0 Becuase I have the Llama but none of the other books. :( (60.23)
    • A Black PerlMonks Mug Because I can't seem to find any available from anywhere. The Everything Development company isn't selling products anymore.
    • To spend Christmas with the one I love. (priceless.)
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