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Hrrm... as to your problem, I don't know. I'm just here to comment on the fact that you've started a second thread on the exact same problem. You most likely should not have done that. That's what threads are for: continued discussion/problem solving. If it was possible, I'd move this post to make it a reply of the original post. As for the first post on this subject, I believe you might want to look at Writeup Formatting Tips for the hint on using CODE tags instead of PRE ones. (Err... your reply to that first one I mean) Messy messy messy...

I wish I could have linked to the better documentation on formatting, etc, but the site documentation is quite spread out. Needs some reformatting and rewriting I do believe. And for the likes of me, I cannot recall the fellow monk who has written up a bunch of documentation for the site (the stuff that will soon become the official docs here I do hope).

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