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note: this is sort of long winded :)

A friend once told me that "computer people" tend to be male and socially immature. She wasn't trying to insult me. She just said that "computer people" tend to date younger women because our maturity is more on their level.

Well, I'd have to agree that "computer people" do seem to be male most of the time just like cheerleaders tend to be female. It just seems to be the focus of interests for those masses. And as time goes progresses these trends seem to flatten out, too. I disagree with the correlation of "computer people (guys)" dating younger women because they are computer people, however. Guys in general date younger women. I don't believe that inherent interests have anything to do with this trend. I doubt that, although I don't completely disagree with it, the maturity level of a guy has much to do with his choice of dating a certain age female. I would almost say its more physical. Now, the bond between a man and a woman is most definitely something that can be determined by the maturity level of a man and a woman and how close they are to the same level of maturity.

Women do tend to be more mature at earlier ages than men but men catch up at some point in their lives and thus a statement such as the one she made cannot be so general but could probably be stated more accurately if broken up into age groups.

Anyway, this got me thinking. How many monks are married? We have stats for many things. But do we know how many of us are married? Since monks can include our pictures on our homenodes, why not also include whether we are single and looking?

I am married (and somewhat separated right now too, but we are working on that) for 4 years now...about to hit 5. We have no kids (marital difficulties and whatnot). There is a loooong story behind my marital issues but may I just end this paragraph with 'long-distance dating without sufficient prior knowledge of who your partner is and then getting married is a baaaaad idea'. When I say 'prior' I mean that if you get into a long-distance relationship before you know each other and then get married without getting to know each other well in-person, I speak from personal experience, this this is a very difficult thing to work through in a marriage generally. Anyone else had an experience like this? Oh! And by the way...NO We did *not* meet online. :) In fact we tried the whole chatting online thing while we courted and we just couldn't communicate very well. So it was back to the long-distant phone bills for us after a couple of tries of irc.

Also what is it about Perl that attracts more males than females? Does Perl's use in systems administration have anything to do with it?

I don't know that it's Perl but rather programming in general. I personally think that women could be and maybe are better programmers than men are in general, but they just aren't interested in it. I know my wife can't figure me out, though. She has *no* patience. I have a *lot* of patience. She sees me struggle with code that I can't seem to get to run right and she can't understand how I can work my way through the problem without going bonkers. She admits that she would not be able to finish any projects due to her lack of patience. My wife is *not* a computer or technically oriented person.

I do find this an interesting topic, however. For instance, I am a programmer/Systems Admin/Network Security Analyst/blah blah blah. It's probably safe to assume that many of us wear many hats besides programming. I find that I enjoy the programming portion the most. However, how many other hats do we wear? I don't "look" like a programmer. In fact, I also work in law enforcement and I look like a police officer more than I look like a programmer. I also dabble in acting. I definitely don't look like an actor. What I find interesting is that as the general population becomes more interested in computers the "look" of computer people becomes more obscure. I would almost say that there is no such thing as a "computer person look" in today's society in America. You do, however, have people that look like they are nerds or geeks but that certainly does not show that those kinds of people are proficient in computers or programming. by the way, I am a geek/nerd and I admit that I am proud of it.

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