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Not sure if this a perl thing or JavaScript thing .... I apologize for my incompetence. Anyways here's the scenario - I have a page with two frames, a left frame and right frame where a perl script throws out all the HTML code for both these frames. Now the problem is that when the code throws out a <href> in the left frame, which on clicking opens a page in the right frame; on clicking the link, the right frame does change, but the left frame showings a loading bar in IE i.e. the blue bar on the bottom of the browser (IE) which shows that the page is still loading. My code looks something like this -
(Left Frame)
<a href=javascript:JSGotoRightFrame('/cgi-bin/ +=getClassInfo&uid=$uid&classid=$temp');>$subject $classnumber</a>
Any ideas? I have this problem on more than one page and am 100% sure it is not a looping script or something. If I pass another function inside this href which reloads the left frame with the same content, the bar disappears. Thanks.