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I decided to reread Learning Perl 3 for the 2nd time, I am still new to perl but after working with it before rereading the book makes it a lot easier to understand. Most of the first 10 chapters are pretty self explanatory now, yay!! But I came across a few misc. questions:
1) What is the purpose of a naked block? All it says is it's like while in some way but I don't see the real purpose of having one.
2) I read a post a few days ago about someone saying something like "shame on you for using regex like that". I just finally understand what regex is and that statement doesn't make much sense to me. Regex is like patterns and substitutions, are there specific times when you're not supposed to use them or there is something better to use?
3) next brings things to the bottom iteration of a loop, right? Does that mean you can't call next more than once in any given loop? If not, what happens if you need to?

Thanks for your help everyone!

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