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OK, I hate to admit it but there is something Microsoft makes that I quite like.

What I like is the tool that comes with MS Access that allows me to print out a great visual schema of a database. It shows each table with all its fields and then shows relationships between each of these tables via lines with many-to-one / one-to-one / many-to-many links on the ends. It also shows primary keys etc.

Luckily (?) I got retrenched mid-last year and am now able to define my own set of tools. I use PostgreSQL which is the most excellent RDBMS I've ever used. But, of course, it doesn't come with the visual schema tools.

Something written in perl would be good and I don't mind if the output just uses ASCII characters. If its not in perl its no matter. I don't care what OS: I use mac, doze and *nix.

Why do I want this? Because I'd like to be able to print out the schema to tack on the wall. Maybe I need to draw it up by hand? But I'm hoping there's something out there.

If you don't know what I mean take a look at this. (4768 bytes)