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This node contains no javas‎crip‎t.

Current favorite CSS hacks for user settings:

auto-sizing text areas
textarea { width: 100% }
bland signatures
div.pmsig, div.pmsig td, div.pmsig font { color: black; background-color: white; font-size: 10px; font-family: serif; }

Some people treat computers like refrigerators in that they don't want to bother replacing them more than once a decade. Others treat them like fridges in that they think you are unclean if you have anything in one that is older than a few weeks.

Why Perl5's dereferencing is better than Perl6's:
#34370 +(6)- [X]
<tye> and deref'ing is easy to remember because robots, ->[ , use simple integer indices while samuri, ->{ , have names for everything, and aliens, ->( , use functional programming

<Petruchio> From what I can tell, people get along better when they simply show that they're willing to waste time on each other.

For all your nodelette sorrow.

Ever have one of those days when the Monastery pages just won't come up if you are logged in but everything seems fine if you aren't logged in?

Well, one of the things that changes based on whether you are logged in is which nodelettes you see. Some of the nodelets are pretty fancy. A while ago, the CPAN nodelet would sometimes refuse to finish, which prevents any of the page from rendering. Just recently, the Everything nodelet had a similar problem. The solution is to turn off those nodelets but that leads to a chicken-and-egg problem. Until now!

You'll need to bookmark the links in the next paragraph because I can't make a link to my homenode that doesn't display nodelets. The following links are special because they specify "&displaytype=raw", which turns off nodelets. Unfortunately, this option doesn't work for regular nodes nor homenodes. Luckilly, it works for the login screen and the user settings page:

If you aren't logged in, then go login first. Once you are logged in, go to your user settings and turn off any nodelets that you think might be the source of your problems.

Of course, if I write "use WORD NUMBER;" such that NUMBER is equal to the number of letters in WORD added to the position in the alphabet of the first letter of WORD, then that (obviously) indicates sarcasm.

Possible patch for usergroup display page:

my $str= "<TABLE>\n"; foreach (@$ref){ my $N = selectNode $_; $str .= "<TR><TD>" . linkNode($N) . "</TD><TD>(last here " . parsetime(lasttime) . " <I>(" . timesince($$NODE{lasttime}) . ")</I></TD></TR>\n"; } $str . "</TABLE>;
Looking for Semaphore::SmokeSignals? See IPC::Semaphore::SmokeSignals.